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Cocoa Packet Analyzer PlugIns

CPA supports the Cocoa bundles technology for creating TCP/IP application layer protocol analyzer plugins.

Available third party plugins:
  • SIP Protocol Analyzer by Gábor Németh
  • IAX2 Protocol Analyzer by Marcelo H. Felippi

SIP-Analyzer (0.63)

IAXPA-Analyzer (0.1)

Installation of third party analyzer plugins

To install a plugin just copy it to one of the following locations and restart CPA:

- "~/Library/Application Support/CocoaPacketAnalyzer/PlugIns"

- "/Library/Application Support/CocoaPacketAnalyzer/PlugIns"

- "/Network/Library/Application Support/CocoaPacketAnalyzer/PlugIns"

- "CocoaPacketAnalyzer.app/Contents/PlugIns"

If the location does not exist yet please create it! To verify that the plugin did load check the analyzers pane in the CPA preferences.


How to create an "Analyzer PlugIn"?

Please download the development files, instructions on how to create an analyzer plugin are found in the HowTo-file.

I have also created a small "TestPlugIn" project which covers the basic settings. Please have a look at it! For additional infos please feel free to contact me!

Be aware that I may change the CPAPlugInsProtocol.h anytime. So if your plugin doesnt work with a newer CPA version be sure to check this page for updated versions of the developement files!

Development files:

DevHeaders (1.12)


Did you successfully create an "Analyzer PlugIn" ?

Please let me know! So I can list it and provide a downloadlink!



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